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cure for diarhea

my mother always mixed up a package of jello dessert. if we drank it while still warm, the diarhea would stop almost immediately. She even told me to

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Restless Legs Syndrome

For Restless leg syndrome, a bar of soap only distracts for a while, BUT... The cause of RLS is a Mineral deficiency . Mainly Magnesium, I know I suffered

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Clean and Simple on Pimple

I came across a 'help' for drying-up pimples faster for me and my 7 children. We found that rubbing a wet cottonball on a clean bar of Ivory soap until

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Head Lice

Just add 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract to your shampoo and conditioner. Mix and shake well. Also add the extract to some water in a water bottle

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Egg Shells

Save used egg shells, cook 'cm up, crush 'em, feed 'em to yer chicks or put 'em 'round yer plants.

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Peroxide/ Earwax

Fill a cap with peroxide and soak a cotton ball in it. You can either dab it on the cold sore or hold it there till it stops burning. Wait five minutes

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Natural Acid Reflux cure

I was given ranitidine by my doctor to help with severe acid reflux. It worked, but then all the CDC warnings came through about possible cancer causing

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Shingles Nerve Endings Pain

Good day to you Grandma. My sister has been diagnosed with Shingles and is rapidly advancing up on her left side. She stated that the biggest

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How To Get Sage Product

Grandma good afternoon,please i need sage for my mother who is having hot flashes someone recommended that for her but since then i have not been able

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Coconut Milk for Chronic Diarrhea

Do you know if a person drinks the canned coconut milk straight or is it mixed with some other liquid? This is regarding for diarrhea. In any case, how

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Termite Control Remedy

How do I protect outdoor foundation of my home ? I live in Florida, east coast.....also any suggestions to keep fire ants/ants away....cornmeal worked

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Cleanse for Silicone Breast Implants that have Leaked

Hi Grandma, Beccie here. I know you can help me help my best friend. She had breast implants put in and after a time period just had them removed on

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Tapeworm & Milk Bath Remedy

Hello Patty! I am looking for a solution how to get rid of a tapeworm and that is how I came across your website. I have a couple of question about your

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Knotty Kitty Remedy

Any suggestions to detangle knots and mattes on a long haired cat?

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Clove Bud Oil for Termite Control

Hi, I'm thinking about adding clove bud oil to my stain/oil mixture that will be applied to my exterior wood logs on my southwest home. would it be compatible

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Lime to kill fire ants

What kind of lime? Agricultural lime or masons lime?

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Practical Foot Bath

An easy way to make a footbath is to put a plastic bag between your socks and your feet. Then you can pour some of your favourite (vinegar) solution into

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Hello Test

Hello Test

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Home Remedies for Neuralgia & Flu

Neuralgia - celery juice 2/3 times a day with orange or carrot for flavour This was found on a web site and can no longer find it. One more but to me

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Vinegar Remedy for Toenail Fungus

How much vinegar do I mix with the water in the foot bath to cure toenail fungus or to soak feet daily?

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