Grandma's Natural Pest Control
Guide for Your Home

a photo of a mosquito biting a mans hand needing a natural pest control photo of a cartoon of man laying in bed and giant bedbug climbing up the side in desperate need of natural pest control photo of a gross amount of cockroaches invading a food cupboard in desperate need of natural pest control

Some of the photos and suggestions
for natural pest control can be a bit gross or inhumane
but it's all parts of nature

Going green isn't just about saving energy or eating & growing organic food, it's also about natural pest control and protecting our homes, family, pets, water supply and soil from dangerous chemicals and poisons. Why would anybody want their family to breath commercial insecticides and pesticides knowing how dangerous they can be to your lungs, skin, eyes, sinus cavity and internal organs?

In 2007 it was estimated that there are over 3 billion pounds of poisons and insecticides manufactured in the United State each year for home and garden use. These are a major threat to groundwater in every state and the problem keeps growing! It's also a major health concern.

More than 3.4 million people suffer from medically related side effects from the use of pesticides. Some of the immediate side effects include dizziness, nausea, headaches, low energy and loss of memory. Tests and research has proven that many forms of cancer are caused by 65% of all the pesticides.

There are methods of dealing with natural pest control for almost any type of insect and critter that might be causing you to think about turning to chemicals and poisons. The information on my website is accurate and effective and will show you the easiest way to educate yourself about DIY pest control. Very soon you'll find be able to find hundreds of facts and natural insect control recipes that have been handed down through generations for hundreds of years, long before pest control services became popular with all their harmful chemical cures.


Even though almost all the formulas on this website are prepared from natural ingredients some my still be poisonous or cause illness and should be kept away from pets, children and anybody with a low tolerance immune system.

When using powders you should always wear a mask. And when preparing formula it wouldn't hurt to err on the side a caution and wear protective gloves and wash your hands after handling these products.

photo of a dead mouse laying beside a sleeping cat natures natural pest control photo of jars of tobacco that could be used as a natural pest control photo of a can of boric acid an excellent ingredient for natural pest control

Simple Home Remedies & Formulas
for DIY Pest Control

Most of the ingredients recommended are easily found either in your home, grocery store, health food store or local drug store. Considering what is charged by exterminators I doubt if you'll complain about investing in some of the natural ingredients recommended.

Proven Formula's for Natural Pest Control:

  • Bed Bugs are not only hard to find but extremely hard to get rid of. Try some of Grandma's Bed Bug Control tips before calling a professional and needing to leave your home for several days.
  • Carpenter Ants are often mistaken for termites but there is a big difference. Find out how to naturally get rid of this ants at Grandma's Carpenter Ants Guide.
  • Cockroaches are one of the oldest living creature still walking on this planet, you'll find them all over the world and have become resistant to most poisons and chemicals. Here are some really good Natural Recipes for Cockroach Control.

  • Fire Ants are one of the most dangerous insects to have lurking around you property. Here are some natural recipes to Killing Fire Ants.

  • Fleas in our homes are not only painful and a health hazard to every member of the family, once they start populating our homes they are tough to get rid of because of the thousands of eggs they lay. Here are some natural formulas using essential oils and herbs that are not only safe to use in your home but also safe around your pets. Flea Pest Control
  • Head Lice It seems as each school year starts there is a head lice epidemic and before you know it your child is bringing home a head full of lice. Here are some Head Lice Home Remedies that work!
  • Pharaoh Ants or Sugar Ants Here are some easy tips for organic pest control for controlling Pharaoh Ants or Sugar Ants.
  • Rodent Pest Control Why expose your family and pets to toxic poisons when you can use safe non-toxic natural methods of Rodent Pest Control?
  • Spider Pest Control Most spiders are actually beneficial at keeping our insect population under control but some can be dangerous to have around. See Grandma's Spider Pest Control Guide for natural pest control.
  • Termites don't let termites and carpenter ants invade your home, try Grandma's Natural Termite Pest Control Recipes and Suggestions.
  • Ticks There are natural tricks to keep those awful ticks from using your body as their main course. Ticks carry Lyme Disease and others, learn the symptoms and what you can do to protect yourself.
  • Types of Ants it's important to know what Types of Ants you're dealing with before searching for a natural pest control.

Be patient as I build each page, I know you'll be so glad you kept checking to see how interesting and useful this area of Grandma's Wisdom helped solve many of your home pest control problems.

Here's a List of Safe & Practical
Home Remedies for Pest Control

One of the most common ingredients used for natural pest control is boric acid. Boric acid has been used for generations to kill insects and roaches and you'll find that it can be extremely effective. However, it can also be poisonous if ingested in large amounts and care needs to be taken when using and storing boric acid. The main reason it is used in so many homemade pest control formulas is because it is one of the least toxic substances we can use that has proven to be very effective.

CAUTION: One teaspoon of boric acid can kill a child! It can also give an adult an extremely bad bellyache.

The Most Natural Methods of Pest Control:

  • Trapping & removing the pest by hand, which would be the most humane method.
  • Using a fly swatter to whack the pest first and removing it.
  • The use of a natural predator to eat the pest, like a cat for mice and rats.
  • Planting plants around your home to repel pests, like planting mint around the outside of your home to repel mice and ants. They hate mint.
  • Placing a small pan of water with a few drops of dish detergent under a nightlight at night to drown fleas, you can also use the container if you pick a flea off yourself, just flick them in the solution.
  • Scrubbing your kitchen counter tops and floors with white distilled vinegar to chase ants.
  • Cockroaches hate catnip, make a catnip tea and fill a spray bottle, spray where you see cockroaches or their droppings.
  • Mosquitoes really hate the smell of Listerine Mouth Wash (original formula) next time you're having a picnic, spray your chairs, table and umbrella with Listerine and you'll enjoy that picnic much more.
  • Old coffee grounds spread around the outside of your house will naturally repel ants.

This is just a handful of simple tips and trick to use around your home of various ways for natural pest control.


The statement's made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.


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