Home Remedies for Neuralgia & Flu

by Diana

Neuralgia - celery juice 2/3 times a day with orange or carrot for flavour
This was found on a web site and can no longer find it.

One more but to me common sense (forget the flue injection). Have lemon juice once a day to keep cold and flue away.

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Jan 26, 2016
miracle cure
by: Anonymous

This tip might be the most important one on here.
It refers to Neuralgia. (nerve pain). I suffered
severe nerve pain. Guess what, I was taking celery and carrots, and dill pills (1) with juice on carrots and celery. Guess what. My pain of 8 years went by by. This might have been the cure for me. I eat alot of them for a snack to cure my appetite because I started a diet. I woke and I did not need drugs. (amazing story). I always wish for a miracle. I got one. You are right. I hate celery and carrots. But I eat them for weight loss and a need. Funny. I never put them in my diet for 8 years. It makes you wonder. Maybe this lady is on to something.

You can rewrite it. I am puzzled about the cure
I got. Something is going with carrots and celery. lol.

Ref: Unknown nerve pain

Sep 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the information

Apr 16, 2015
Neuralgia & Flu
by: Grandma

Hello Diana,

I am so sorry it took so long to publish your home remedies for Neuralgia and Flu. I was on extended leave due to a death in my family.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and enjoyed reading your suggestion for Neuralgia and Flu remedies. I have to admit, I did know and agree about the lemon juice for the flu or preventing the flu. But the celery juice with orange or carrot juice is all new to me. I hope anybody suffering from Neuralgia sees your post and gives it a try.


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