Shingles Nerve Endings Pain

by Nelson
(Louisville, GA USA)

Good day to you Grandma.

My sister has been diagnosed with Shingles and is rapidly advancing up on her left side. She stated that the biggest concern now is the pain she is experiencing from her nerve endings and I haven't found a solution. I am in hopes that your experience has solved this problem and you can share with me as soon as possible.

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Jun 17, 2015
Shingles Pain
by: Patricia

Hello Nelson,

I'm so impressed of your concern for your sister's pain from shingles. I went through a bout of the shingles about 7 years ago and it was awful. To this day whenever I get upset or don't feel well I will feel the pain around the nerve endings of where the shingles broke out. At that time I didn't have my website and didn't know what to do for the pain. The Dr. didn't have any good advice except pain meds, so I went to a natural path dr. and got some spray but it didn't do much for the pain. Somebody did send a submission about a year ago for a good home remedy for shingles that you might want to try. It's Apple Cider Vinegar. I know that sounds strange but he swore that it helped with the pain and even shortened the time of the breakout. If I would have heard that when I had the shingles I would have tried it. You might want to mention this to your sister.

I did have a skin problem not to long ago, it was pretty bad and I was worried I might have to get a biopsy but instead I tried applying Apple Cider Vinegar every day before I showered and it really helped, actually it cleared it up.

So I think this is well worth a try, but I'd suggest only put it on diluted with water, 50/50 at first, just to make sure it's not to strong or burns ..and only in a small area at first to try it. If it seems to help then start applying it full strength to all the shingles.


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