Grandma's Home Remedy for
Relieving Constipation

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Grandma has found a simple power pudding recipe for relieving constipation that only takes 3 natural ingredients, and you only need to take one tablespoon a day to keep your bowels regular.

There are so many causes of constipation but I'd say the main causes are diet, dehydration and medication. The first two causes are really a matter of choice and constipation can be controlled by thinking about what you are eating and making sure you drink plenty of fluids, especially water.

When taking medications the solution isn't so easy. Constipation is a serious side effect while taking medications, especially when you take several different kinds throughout your day. It's tough enough trying to remember to take all the medication on time let alone trying to remedy the side effects. Nothing is more frustrating than figuring out what medication to take for the side effects. Who wants to take more medication than absolutely necessary? That's why this simple pudding recipe for relieving constipation is priceless and has worked for many people even while in the hospital.

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A Simple Pudding Recipe for
Relieving Constipation

This is a simple pudding recipe recommended by The People Pharmacy in a recent article I read in our local newspaper.

I suggested this pudding recipe to a friend who had already tried several over-the-counter drugs for constipation relief but nothing seemed to work, not until she tried this home remedy for constipation. She has been taking a tablespoon of this pudding everyday for a couple of weeks and she has had natural bowel movements since she started.

Power Pudding Recipe with 3 main ingredients

  • 1 cup applesauce
  • 3/4 cup prune juice
  • 1 cup of unprocessed wheat bran

Mix together in a small storage container; applesauce, prune juice and wheat bran until it forms a pasty pudding. Take one tablespoon every morning followed by a full glass of water. Drink some water throughout the day.

Watch your diet and try to stay away from processed fast foods, especially fried foods.

For constipation relief for children I'd recommend 1 teaspoon daily followed by a glass of water.


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