Grandma's Natural Remedies for
Arthritis Are Peculiar but Work!

photo of white raisin soaking in gin natural remedies for arthritis photo of plastic container with gin and raisins soaking for natural remedy for arthritis photo of a bottle of gin one ingredient in recipe of the natural remedies for arthritis

There are plenty of natural remedies for arthritis but I doubt if you'll find one as peculiar as this one. Once I tested it on Grandpa I found that it might be a bit bizarre but it works and isn't that what's important?

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical myself when I read about this home remedy for arthritis but when Grandpa's right knee started swelling up twice a big as his left knee for no apparent reason I suspected it must be arthritis. Once the pain and stiffness started getting unbearable for him we decoded to see our family Chiropractor and get his opinion. He suggested Grandpa see a knee specialist right away and most likely they'll want to get him on some medication for inflammation or start those injections that they seem to be trying before they eventually do knee replacement surgery because it showed all the classic signs of advance stages of arthritis.

Many of you may have already heard or read about the gin and raisin home remedy for arthritis, I know I wasn't real impressed the first time I heard about it. For heavens sake, how much pain relief could 9 raisins soaked in gin do for someone suffering from arthritic pain? And why 9 raisins, why not a whole box? Why not a shot of gin instead just enough to cover the raisins, and why gin? Needless to say, I had a lot of questions and nobody to give me the answers.

I read about this home remedy in our local newspaper, it was an article from the People Pharmacy with testimonies from various people that have tried these natural remedies for arthritis and every one of them swore it worked for them. So like most home remedies I figured it was worth a try. After all, isn't the price of a box of raisins and a half-pint of gin worth trying before taking pain medications or dealing with knee replacement surgery?

I expected to see that look Grandpa gives me when I explained yet another one of my home remedies. He has this way of looking at me over his glasses without saying a word, it was the same look her gave me when he found a bar of soap I slipped under the sheets to help his leg cramps, it's a home remedy I stumbled upon for Restless Leg Syndrome that is another bizarre remedy that works with no explanation. After handing him the 9 raisins I soaked in gin overnight he never said a word he just chewed the raisins up fine before swallowing them and went on about his business as usual and continued to eat his raisins each morning for several weeks.

One morning Grandpa looked at me in amazement and mentioned the swelling in his knee is starting to go down and the stiffness and pain was actually starting to subside. We were both pleasantly surprised that the raisins and gin remedy was the only natural remedies for arthritis he tried. Since then he's made his own batch with the raisins soaked in rum (Grandpa prefers the taste of rum) and he seems to be getting the same results.

photo of white and dark raisins one ingredient in natural remedy for arthritis photo of dark raisins in canning jar one ingredient in recipe for natural remedy for arthritis photo of white raisins drying out in the sunshine white raisins are an ingredient in the recipe for natural remedy for arthritis

Completely Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Nobody really knows the origin of this home remedy for arthritis, but apparently it was a popular home remedy in even my grandmother's day. It's rare to find a home remedy that is still so popular today.

To prepare the original natural remedies for arthritis recipe, mix a batch of golden raisins in a shallow container and pour in just enough gin to cover the raisins and place a cover on the container. Allow the gin to soak into the raisins and the rest of the gin to evaporate, usually around 24 hours, eat nine raisins each day.

If you have sensitivity to Sulfite you can use dark raisins.

You can also substitute the gin for rum, whiskey, or even apple cider vinegar if you are worried about mixing alcohol with a medication. It seems the real medicinal secret is in the soaked raisins.

Why nine raisins? There's a dosage suggestion for everything, it doesn't matter if it's an over-the-counter drug, prescription or even a herbal supplement, the nine raisins are the recommended dosage to take each day, this gives you the right amount without the worry of the alcohol content when driving, going to work or just performing your regular daily routine.

So, as you can see, this is a simple and inexpensive natural remedy for arthritis that is, without a doubt, worth trying. So give it a try, be patient and just eat your nine gin-soaked-raisins every day and see if you can experience what others are raving about.


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