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photo of a lemon balm blossom makes delicious medicinal tea photo of a teapot with fresh nettle growing out of it makes healthy medicinal tea photo of a jamine plant in full bloom makes a tasty medicinal tea

Creating your own medicinal teas can be a cinch with the right herbs, healthy recipes and simple techniques to grow and maintain your own organic herb garden . The amazing benefits of medicinal herbs are endless.

Do you know there are medicinal teas for just about any Ailment? Herbs touch our daily lives in many ways, from the Mint in our morning toothpaste to the Cotton in our bed sheets.

Turning to plants for healing is an instinct as old as human history. Many healing remedies that involved plants were selected by observation, and experience. Skilled healers became highly valued members of tribes of all races.

From dessert nomads to the Arctic Inuit, tribes worldwide find local plants to brew into drinks, like medicinal teas, herbal drinks and the modern more popular sports and energy drinks we enjoy today.

Experience the joy and health benefits of growing your own herbs and brewing medicinal teas and infusions by: Placing the fresh or dried leaf, flower, crushed seed, bark, or root in a teapot: add boiling water and brew for 5 minutes. Allow a teaspoon of dried herb or a fresh sprig of about 6-9 leaves per cup. Strain and serve.

As you can see making your own medicinal tea isn't complicated or time consuming and the benefits are remarkable.

photo of bee balm with bright red blooms growing makes a healthful medicinal tea photo of cold medicinal tea in a wine glass photo of a American ginseng growing in herb garden leaves makes an important medicinal tea

Medicinal Teas, Recipes & Benefits

Many people assume medicinal herbs are grown in an herb gardens or harvested from the forest with plants like Basil or Ginseng, in fact medicinal herbs span from the breadth of the entire plant kingdom, from giant conifers to tiny yeasts. Herb plants are found among mosses, ferns, conifers, and even algae, as well as the more familiar higher flowering plants.

Some of the herbal tea below will not only surprise you with its delicious taste but also what herbs are used. For example, most people think of basil as a pesto plant. However, its spicy aromatic flavor also makes a delicious tea. Or who would ever think a culture from a mushroom found in Russia then passed down through many generations, cultures and countries, such as Kombucha Tea, would grow in popularity worldwide just from word-of-mouth? The organization has hopes of someday distributing the Kombucha culture to every home in the world someday.

When you see the name of the tea turn into a blue link you'll know the recipes are ready for you to click on and not only get a fantastic recipe but also learn the history of the herb and what amazing health benefits this herbal tea will provide for you and your family.

Enjoy the Recipes and Benefits of these Medicinal Teas:

Of course the Mint Teas are the most popular herbs to grow in any herb garden. They're easy to grow and are dependable year after year. You can even plant your favorites in a container to bring into your home and enjoy through the winter. Most important, mints have gentle medicinal powers unmatched by any other group of herbs. Add a few sprigs or leaves to any teas or favorite drink to add a refreshing taste, or make a cup of mint tea, there's enough flavor to stand by itself.


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