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The key to holistic living is discovering the advantages of herbal wisdom. Herbs can be mysterious and confusing. Think about it; Herbal advice has been passed down through generations, since time began. Yet, growing, drying, and mixing herbs can be as confusing and overwhelming as diagnosing your own symptoms.

In today's hectic world it has become habit to let others figure out a lot of our daily mysteries, like common ailments. It's so much easier to just go to our medical provider and let them diagnose our symptoms. We've become dependent on them to give us the answers and prescribe what we should do to calm our symptoms. We rarely find a cure.

It's important to realize symptoms are nothing more than our body's immune system at work. When you take the many drugs prescribed it's like taking a gun and playing Russian roulette.

All drugs have side effect. Some of the side effects of these drugs are actually more dangerous than the disease itself!

Herbs do not have side effects! Herbs do not claim to cure anything. They only boost the body's immune system to cure itself. The only thing dangerous about herbs is lack of knowledge.

Knowledge Is Power
Herbal Wisdom Will Provide That Power!

Enjoy the convenience of having Herbal Wisdom gathered together in one area.

Discover within a few clicks your life will suddenly become simplier in so many ways. You'll find anything and everything you will need to know to enjoy:

Once you start stalking your shelves with medicinal herbs you will quickly discover how simple life was meant to be. God never intended us to survive on chemicals and deal with dangerous side effects!

Soon I'll provide links to testimonies from people that are devoting their lives to warning people like us to stay away from those dangerous drugs.

Below is only a sample of what you'll learn over the coming months.

Potted herb with digging tool

  • Plant an Herb Garden that will reward you year after year with fresh herbs.
  • Enjoy fresh herbs year round with container herb garden.
  • Try Grandma's Tasty Parsley Wine Tonic and discover medicinal benefits of parsely.
  • Herbs are tasty in many dishes, enjoy healthy recipes.
  • Discover fragrant herbs, have you ever made an herbal wreath out of live fragrant herbs?
  • Build your own medicinal herb wreath for yourself or special gifts
  • Learn to harvest and dry your own herbs for storage
  • What are Medicinal Herbs and what mixes together?
  • Here are some great herbal remedies for Flea Pest Control.
  • Do you suffer from headaches? Find help with Herbal Headache Remedies.
  • Exactly what are medicinal herbs used for?
  • What are the best brand of herbs to buy?
  • Are herbs safe for children?
  • Can we give our pets herbs safely?

Wisdom through the ages has passed down the secrets and formulas for growing and using herbs.

There is nothing more overwhelming than walking into a store and seeing rows and rows of bottled herbs. Without knowing what each herb is used for and which herbs mix together. It's no wonder why people walk away and depend on medical doctors to prescribe medications.

Now you won't have to. Herbal Wisdom will help you make a self diagnosis and stop guessing at exactly which herbs will help relieve the symptoms and allow the body's immune system to began the process of healing itself.

Your Guide To Herbal Wisdom

Over the next couple of months Herbal Wisdom will develope into your guide to gathering the right information on just about anything concerning herbal advice.

I hope you will find comfort and answers to what you are searching for.

Mark this website in your favorite places or sign up for my RSS Feed. You don't have to give your email address or even your name, all the new information will come to you just at the right time.

I know you won't be disappointed as you watch this site expand into a wealth of information.

Soon you'll be able to offer some of your advice and natural ways of planting, storing and using herbal mixtures. Together we will rediscover the world that God created for us.


The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.


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