Naturally Boost Immune System Health

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Grandma has some real simple tips and handy tricks to naturally boost immune system health. Quickly learn the right vitamins, immune system supplements and daily habits that will balance your body's fragile immune system.

Boosting the immune system really isn't that difficult, as long as you remember to keep your life naturally simple and free of stress. Always make sure you pay attention to what you are putting into your body, on you skin and keep your environment as toxic free as humanly possible.

A healthy immune system involves:

  • Cervical lymph nodes, located on the left side of the neck, under the jaw line
  • Thymus gland, located on the left side of the chest under the breastbone
  • Mammary lymph nodes, located above the left breast
  • Axillary lymph nodes, located on the left before the crease to the armpit
  • Spleen, located on the left at the waistline

The immune system protects the body from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful organisms. Toxins in foods and the environment, poor diet and stress can all contribute to a weak immune system. If your immune system is weakened your body is subject to fatigue and illness and cannot ward off infections.

The cells of the immune system are produced by the thymus gland, the spleen and other organs. The cells are then carried through the body via the lymph vessels to the lymph nodes, which store these cells and help to create an effective barrier against infection. Immune cells can be damaged by unstable oxygen, molecules in the body call free radicals, which may be generated in dangerously high numbers by poor nutrition, X-rays, alcohol, cigarette smoke and pollutants. Vitamins help boost immune systems by neutralizing these cell-damaging particles. Exercise, too, helps maintain immune system health by promoting blood circulation and ensuring a plentiful supply of oxygen throughout the body.

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Vitamins, Supplements and Oxygen
Boost the Immune System

What you can do to boost the immune system

Many factors play a role in boosting the immune system. A balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, provides the building blocks for healthy cells. Deep breathing and fresh air replenish vital oxygen. Regular exercise boosts oxygen intake and helps build cardiovascular and immune system health.

A popular tonic to help boost the immune system is Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic. It has many benefits, click on the link to read about it.

Another old fashioned tonic that can boost your immune system is Parsley Wine Tonic, parsley is high in vitamin C and A and aids in digestion. Just click on the link to get the recipe.

Protect cells with vitamins

Vitamins C and E - known as antioxidants---stimulate immunity and protect against cancer by neutralizing free radicals. Vitamin A also helps strengthen immune cells. The daily requirement is 1,000 RE (found in one carrot) for vitamin A, 60 mg (1 orange) for vitamin C and 8-10 mg, (2 tbsp. Vegetable oil) for vitamin E.

Gain fresh energy with oxygen

Engage in moderate exercise for an hour a day to ensure plentiful intake of fresh air. This promotes oxygen exchange between blood and air and speeds metabolism, leading to efficient mobilization of energy from nutrients.

Strengthen your thymus gland

The thymus gland, which is located in the upper part of the chest behind the breastbone is a nursery for immune system cells that help fight infection. Unfortunately, this organ shrinks in size as we grow older, and its effectiveness gradually diminishes. Here is a quick and easy exercise to stimulate your thymus gland and boost immune system health. Every morning tap on the middle of the breastbone with your fingers for 5 minutes.

Boost immune system supplements

One of the most effective and popular herbal remedies for strengthening the immune system is Echinacea, which may mobilize immune system cells and stimulate their disease-fighting activity. Other immune-boosting herbs are Siberian ginseng, wild indigo and Incredible Chamomile

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Home Remedies to Boost Immune System

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink plenty of fresh water everyday. Make sure you water is free of chemicals and additives.

Use a Neti-Pot

Use a neti-pot regularly. This will help you keep your sinus cavity free of pollutants, chemicals and congestion. A sinus infection can cause immune deficiency.


Keep the indoor humidity level between 30 percent and 50 percent so that the mucous membranes in the nose don't dry out. This will help protect the cilla, the fine hairs that line the nose and act as a barrier to keep germs from penetrating the body.

Hot and Cold Showers

Begin your morning with a warm shower. After a few minutes, step aside and change the water temperature to lukewarm or cold. Place your right leg back in the shower first, than work your way up the body.

Stress reduction

Scientific studies have shown that stress weakens your immunity. Try relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation, to help you cope better with stress. Or brew up some linden-flower or valerian tea to help relieve anxiety and reinstate a state of calm.

Diet and Herbs to Boost Immune System

Immune Cocktail: Put 3 carrots, 1 orange, 1 apple and half a beet through a juicer. Make a fresh batch of this drink every day.

Vitamins to Boost Immune System for Smokers: Take 1 tablespoon of juice made from sea-buckhorn berries daily for the extra vitamin C that smokers need.

Natural Antibacterials for Immune System Supplements: Include freshly grated or chopped garlic, horseradish or onions in your diet to fight harmful bacteria. Sprinkle a bit of fresh yummy chives on your salad for a zesty taste and your immune system will thank you.

Healing Inhalation: Enjoy a hot steam bath with mint oil, which kills bacteria on the mucous membranes and stimulates the formation of antibodies.

For Your Sweet Tooth Are you aware of all the benefits of honey? Try adding a couple of teaspoons to your tea or favorite recipes to sweeten the boost to your immune system

Natural Immune Boosters: To stimulate the body's natural defense system, try a natural remedy containing mistletoe extract (the doses are nontoxic) or prepared with Siberian ginseng.


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