Woody again!

OK< Grma you are so wise! I asked you about being a new grma on the previous question. Now I have another re:
same son and wife. My dau. just this past wkend graduated from college. (again 500 mi. away from son and wife) only in Fl. not in our hometown. We offered to pay flight for all my son's family. Baby is 4 mths old now. My dau. went thru horrible struggles with mental health probs during her 4.5 yrs in college. Many people told her to "drop out". She kept on and did graduate. My son would NOT go to grad. and wife would not either. We tried to be nice about it. My daughter however, pretty much tells it like it is! So, no one at grad. other than grandpa and myself. Still hard feelings. Claimed son would NOT leave wife and newborn 4 mth old baby alone for 36 hrs!!!! Something wrong here.
Again, we offered to pay for the whole family to fly down.
I am really trying to keep my cool, but I know if I blow up we will all suffer and not see baby much. Thanks a bunch.

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Dec 14, 2009
Typical Generation
by: Grandma

Hello Grandma Woody,

Boy, I can relate to what you are saying. I'm going through the same ordeal here. My youngest son is graduating from college on December 19th. He has 3 sisters and 2 brothers, his dad and I will be attending the ceremony.

When I get together with friends I grew up with and compare family notes we all come to the same conclusion, it's that generation. Life is all about them. Family obligations just isn't a priority with this generation. But let me warn you, just watch what happens when they need something, suddenly you're once again the hero. Your son won't even hesitate to pick up that phone.

I'm sorry to sound so blunt here, but like I said, we all need to grow that thick skin and let the chips fall where they fall. As far as what to do about your daughter, I'd just let the time pass. I know how you feel, you can see the hurt in her eyes but you saying anything to your son at this point will only build a wall between you and his family. I'm a true believer in; "what you send into the lives of others will come back into your own." So just wait and watch and listen and you will see what I'm saying will come to pass. Your phone will ring and guess what, you'll be there for him, because that is what we do Woody.

Celebrate your daughter now and allow her to take pride in what she's accomplished, as I will my son. Hold on to your patience and believe me, there will come a time when your son will need his sister and at that time she can decide what she will do.

Merry Christmas Grandma Woody,


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