White Distilled Vinegar & Cleaning Silver

by Barbara

Using regular distilled Vinegar you can clean silver,it takes off the tarnish that it can get over time. Just dip it in the vinegar or wipe it down with a cloth that has vinegar on it. Wipe over it afterwards with a clean cloth. Some things may need to sit with the vinegar on it depending on how bad it is tarnished. It will be clean and shiny afterwards.

Don't store your cleaning vinegar you are using in a jar with a canning jar lid on it,because it will eat through the lid.

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Nov 06, 2014
Distilled Vinegar & Silver Tarnish
by: Grandma

Hi Barbara,

Thank you so much for sharing your great tip on using Distilled Vinegar to remove tarnish from silver. I must say, I've never tried it but I will. I was really surprised to read about storing the distilled vinegar in a canning jar, I had no idea it would eat through the lid. But when you think about it White Distilled Vinegar is really high in acid so it does make sense.

Thanks again!


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