Weight Loss & B-12 Injections

by Sylvia

Hello, I was wondering what Grandma's take is on B-12 injections for weight loss? I saw a neighbor's daughter the other day and she looked great! I knew she'd been trying to lose weight in the past and even would walk sometimes but would only lose a couple of pounds if any. As soon as I saw her; I commented and asked how did she lose it and right away she said B-12 shots. In my opinion she's lost about 20 lbs. and says she's only been taking them for about one week. I went to the doctor this week and am at least 35 lbs. overweight. The fact I have little to no appetite most times isn't good either. What do you think Grandma.

As always, thank you.

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May 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

It is true what Grandma is saying about only taking the B-12 vitamin, I have been doing this for 2 weeks now, I take Solgar Sublingual Methylcobalamin, 5000 mcg, I take 3 per day & let me tell you I at the beginning weighted 120 I now weigh 117!I have more energy then I have ever had! I am careful not to take any close to bed time, I did that & was unable to sleep! I also take magnesium citrate I take 3 to 4 per day, it really helps also! They say one needs to try what works for them when it comes to this vitamin stuff, as what works for me ( the amount I take) may not work for you! You have to find your own balance! I did & feel great & have energy! I'm 48! I am going thru The Change..& needed some heavy help that was not from a pill pushing doctor! I also take or rather I rub it into my skin (chemical free) Organic Excellence, I have been on all of this for 2 weeks now & it works for me! Its amazing & I am very happy! I no longer have migraines (which before taking all of the above, I was for 2 months on Topiramate 100mg per day, for my migraines, I am not now) & I was not liking that! So I did some research and it paid off! Right about now is when I should be getting migraines, & I'm not! & I sleep well, (if I do not take the B-12 to late)
Hope this helps someone out there!

Apr 23, 2013
B12 Injections
by: Sylvia

Please pardon me Grandma. She lost 20 pounds in two months which is still a substantial amount of weight to lose. I think I'll just stick to the "natural" way. I'm not to keen on shots of any form.

Thank you for your feedback!

Apr 23, 2013
B-12 Injection Advice
by: Grandma

Hi Sylvia,

I've never heard of taking B-12 Injections for weight loss. If you think about it, your neighbor has only been taking the injections for about a week, and you say she lost about 20 lbs. I'm sure she didn't lose the 20 lbs. in one week. I'd guess she is getting the injections due to a underlying health issue, like maybe low thyroid. And I'm sure the B-12 Injections are giving her a real energy boost, that is what they are really known for. You can buy B-12 supplements without the expense of going to a Dr. on a regular basis and getting injections. In fact, a good doctor really won't give you the injections without finding a real health issue.

Losing 35 lbs. with a good healthy diet and exercise is doable. Just take it slow and only expect to lose a couple of lbs. a week.


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