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Dear Grandma,
Now that alone is I wanted to say your website is fantastic. Last night my husband was totally frustrated with his restless legs, and tonight he will have soap between his sheet and mattress. Any idea why that would work? Is restless legs maybe a residue energy, and the soap absorb it? Either way, soap it shall be.
I have been doing herbs, and watch what I eat, or use in my home. Over the last few years I began to grow, and process my own herbs, veggies, and soy. I make my own yogurt, (soy), jam, can and dry and freeze. It's sad this latter part is due to being home because of a spinal injury, and had to do something with my time. I have been searching webs for a few years, and must say yours is the very best.
I hope along the way, I will contribute to this gift of information.
Brightest of Blessings

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Mar 10, 2009
Restless Leg Sydrom & Soap
by: Grandma

Bless you Willow, for all your kind words. It's visitors like you that keep me building this website and researching for unique home remedies.

I have no idea why this soap between the sheets home remedy works but so many people have sworn by it. Your guess is as unique as the remedy, and who knows that just may be the reason.

Grandpa was complaining about leg cramps at night and sometimes sleepless nights from severe Charlie horses. I suggested the soap remedy and he looked at me like Grandma finally flipped her lid. The stubborn old goat refused to try it.:) So I slipped a bar of soap between the sheets one night, more to get myself a good nights sleep. He hasn't had a leg cramp since and he still has no idea that he is sleeping on a bar of soap at the bottom of the bed. I plan on telling him one day when he finally realizes he hasn't been in pain.

You are a real inspiration, I do grow a lot of herbs but I've never made my own soy or yogurt. I hope that one day you'll share the recipe with us.

I'm so sorry to hear about your spinal injury. It's wonderful that you haven't let it get you down and found your passion to keep you going.

God Bless you, Willow, and by the way, I love your name, please stop back often,


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