Weather Migraines

by Charla

Someone sent me your link and I have already subscribed to your newsletter. So glad to have found you!

My question deals with the uncontrolled elements that cause migraines, in particular, the weather that just is not to be controlled. I have taken away most of the triggers, but when the weather takes on a drastic changes from 65 one day to 85 the next, that barometer is not my friend.

So here is the question: because I usually get very nausiated, I take precautions to get what ever steps are necessary to make it as short a period as possible. I drink green tea, no coffee, and usually when the prodrome hits, eat an apple with some peanut butter.
Since I can't take any of the migraine medications to abort the migraine ( like Imitrex), is there another combination of teas that I might try?

Actually while I'm writing this, I have my eyes closed, bright anything makes the pain much worse.
So if you need someone to try anything new you may want to try, please keep my email handy.

I look forward to getting your newsletter and you keep up the great work your doing, people like me do appreciate anyone who truly is interested in helping others.

Have a blessed week,

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Mar 29, 2010
Much appreicated reply!
by: Charla

Thank you for replying so fast. You are so correct that there may be an underlining cause, mine is having Multiple Sclerosis, I see a Chirop. on a regular basis, and have just now found a doctor who deals with just migraines. Neuro's are great people when it has to do with the MS or stroke, however, they are not well versed in migraines.
My inability to abort the headaches are the major reason that I become as sick as I do, I can not take any meds for nausea like Compazine, so I deal with my physical situations on a holistic avenue.
I think we humans put too much toxins in our bodies, so to keep my body from having to deal with more than is necessary, keeping to true blue recipes, like yours, is the only way I feel comfortable in going!
Again, I want to thank you for this website, I have passed it along to several other people!
Keep up the fantastic work and may God bless you,

Mar 29, 2010
Causes of Mirgaines
by: Grandma

Hello Charla,

First I want to thank you for letting me know that I'm appreciated here. And be sure to thank your friend that sent you the link to my website.

I'm concerned that your migraines are so severe that it's causing you to be so ill at times. Yes, the weather can have an effect on your health and I do understand you wanting to find some relief of your symptoms but relief is only temporary. You really need to find out what the cause is. I'm assuming you've already went the medical route since you know that medications don't agree with you.

I'm a bit suspecious you may be dealing with an underlying sinus infection, that would be my first guess. My second guess would be a food allergy. Next I'd suspect that you may be subluxated (you may have a nerve pinched in your neck). Have you ever visited a Chiropractor? I'm a true believer in Chiropractic. I worked as a Chiropractic assistant for over 15 years and I've seen many migraines cured through simple adjustments.

There are teas and herbs that can relieve migraines. One tea is St. John's Wort. I have a recipe for "weather headaches" on my website. Just got to the button "Medicinal Teas" and look for the link for St. John's Wort. An herb that I took for 3 months for headaches was Feverfew. It's an excellent herb for headaches but it isn't like taking a tylenol. You have to be faithful and take it everyday for 90 days to notice results but the symptoms will subside within a week.

I hope this has been of some help to you Charla, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers,


PS You can find my home remedy for sinus infection if you go to "Home Remedies" then find "home remedy for sinus infection". You should also read about food allergies. Go to "Allergy Wisdom".

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