Vinegar Honey Hot Water Tonic & Lipitor

by Dee Crane
(Orofino, Idaho )

Do you know of any reason that a tonic made of ACV and Honey & Hot Water would
not be a wise idea?
We have been on it 3 times a day for 6 weeks and my husbands Cholesterol is still too high. Any advice?
Also, loved your website! Thank you!

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Jan 23, 2008
High Cholesterol
by: Grandma

Hello Dee,

I'm thrilled that you enjoyed visiting Grandma's Wisdom, I hope you stop back often.

The ACV tonic is an excellent way to get your body's acid level in balance, drinking it as a hot beverage shouldn't make any difference (as long as you're not using tap water, even if your boiling it).

I know from an experience I went through with my husband several years ago that diet really is a big factor in cholesterol levels. At the time we were going through a stressful period and not paying much attention to our health. He was required to get a physical for work and that was how his cholesterol and blood pressure was discovered to be extremely high. We had to make a choice, should he go on medication or should we wise up and pay attention to his diet. That was when we discovered the ACV tonic.

When you are dealing with any diagnosis and facing a lifetime of medication it's time to put on your detective hat. We quickly discovered he was eating an awful lot of cheese for snacks at night and stopping at lunchtime for fast food. So the fast food had to stop, we stopped all dairy products and made sure he ate at least 25 to 35 grams of fiber everyday. That's very doable today with so many producs high in fiber. We also ate salmon or tuna at least twice a week and put extra virgin olive oil on just about everything I cooked or salads. And of course, fresh fruits and vegetables. The more food you can eat in it's natural form the better. We also switched from table salt to natural sea salt.

Three months later my husband went back to have his cholesterol and blood pressure checked. The Dr. was amazed at the results. At first the Dr. thought the lab must had made a mistake so took a second set of tests, again they came back completely normal levels. Like I said earlier, this was several years ago and his blood pressure and cholesterol has been perfect since.

I know Dee, it all sounds good, but when dealing with a husband it's not as easy as it sounds.:) But what I'm trying to stress here is; the tonic isn't a "cure all". It's great for many health issues but sometimes we all have to make changes in our life style in order to actually take control of our lives, even when dealing with a husband that's kicking and screaming.:)

If he is committed to drinking the ACV tonic three times a day I'm sure he isn't as stubborn as most husbands.

Wishing you health and happiness,

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