Vinager Cleaning Suet Marked Glass Doors

by Kathy Bell

Use any type of vinegar on the inside of the glass doors of coal coke or log burners.
Light the fire first and get it burning brightly. Then open the door and let the glass cool slightly. Clean the glass first using a cloth soaked in pure vinegar, once this is done, wipe on liberal amount of vinegar using another clean cloth over the whole of the glass and quickly close the door. Turn up the airflow to the fire so it gets hotter. The heat from the fire will clean the glass. No need to use scourers etc. The hotter the fire the better it cleans. There is nothing like seeing clearly through the doors of a solid fuel burner, there is something very comforting in watching the living flames.

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Jan 25, 2013
Cleaning Green
by: Grandma

Hi Kathy,

What a great tip to clean all that suet off your glass doors. Using chemical cleaning solutions can be toxic around heat but most people don't think about it. It sounds so green and easy to try. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us. And you're right, there is nothing more comforting and homey like watching a nice fire.


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