Varicose Veins

by jose
(miami fl)

Those Varicose Veins are so ugly what can we women do to improve or get rid of them

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Feb 08, 2008
Home Remedy for Vericose Veins
by: Grandma

Hello Jose,

I agree, varicose veins are not a pretty site. Most of the time, unless you stand on your feet a lot in one place, varicose veins are usually a Genetic problem.

The first thing I would recommend is to try keeping your legs elevated and, I know you'll hate hearing this, support stocking really do help. Personally, I hate those darn things.

Shoes are another thing that can cause many problems, espicailly vericose veins. Always try to wear a good quality of shoes that are comfortable and never wear high heels. I know, typical Grandma advice. :)

If the vericose veins are causing pain in your legs, a good hot soak in the bathtub with sea salt can help relieve the pressure.

As far as shrinking the veins I have actully heard that applying Preperation H. has helped. Now I wouldn't swear by this, but I know of some people that have tried it and said it really helped. It does make sense, hemorrhoids are actually vericose veins of the rectum.

An herbal remedy I've heard about is Horse Chestnut (Buckeye). The seeds contain compounds that increase circulation and increase the tone of the veins.

Horse Chestnut extract is used as a liniment, as an anti-inflammatory. Some people swear by these herbal remedies, but just know that, although rarely, Horse Chestnut can have some side effects, like upset stomach or skin itch. So if you're thinking about trying it, take small doses at first, just to be safe.

The one piece of advice I'd like to say here is, getting an operation on is a last resort. And that is only if the pain is unbearable or if there could possible be a blood clot to worry about. Don't ever get an operation just to keep things looking pretty or firm. The risk and the side effects just isn't worth it. I knew a woman that had this done, simply because she didn't like the way her legs looked and the sever pain she went through after the operation for many months was just not worth the experience.


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