by koel

I am 18 too fat ugly and shy. This guy in my college who is very cool told my friend he had a crush on me 7 months back. I never spoke to him but for once when I was drunk out of my mind I don't remember our conversation but my friends told me I was talking about how not to kill animals..he tried to make a conversation later but I was to shy and embarrassed.. No other guy ever crushed on me ..he hangs out with many pretty girls who like him too .. then why me ??
He and his friends always make fun of us ..does he still like me ???

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Aug 29, 2010
Girls and Self-esteem
by: Grandma

Hello Koel,

I'm so shocked a girl of your intelligence would talk about herself the way you just did. Do you realize how blessed you are? What a blessing you are to your family and friends? You may be shy, but I'm sure you are not too ugly or fat. True beauty comes from your heart and the way you treat people and most of all yourself.

Now for this boy your asking about. I wouldn't trust a boy that is making fun of you or your friends. Boys that age can be cruel and think it's fun to play head games with shy girls. If you think it's safe to be friends with this boy then by all means I'd allow that much but be cautious, it sounds to me like he's playing head games with you and your friends and you could be sitting yourself up for heartbreak.

Count your blessing Koel, you're still very young and you have a whole wonderful life ahead of you. Right now, focus on your schooling and charish the friends you have.


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