Treatement for PARASITES

Hi Grandma. Thank You very much for paying attention to my concern about PARASITES. But in the meantime how should I prepare the garlic and the onion for him he's only 13 years old.

Thank You


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Mar 07, 2011
Garlic & Onions
by: Grandma

Hi Batya,

I know you realize how concerned I am for your son and the parasites but I have to admit, I had to laugh when I read your question.

I have three sons, two in their 40s and one in his mid 20s and they have been eating garlic and onions since they were toddlers. Anytime any of my boys would start sniffling I'd make them a raw garlic sandwich. I've never had any of my children in the hospital due to illness and I can count on one hand how many times I've taken them to see a doctor.

Probably 80% of the meals I cook has garlic, onions and bell peppers in them. You can slide garlic and onions in so many recipes, like meatballs, sloppy joes, roasts, chicken (baked and fried), pork chops and especially salads. I always get a kick out of inviting people to supper and watch their eyebrows raise up once they taste their meal.

For your son, if he's not use to eating spicy foods I'd start him out with a garlic sandwich. All you do is spread a piece of bread with butter (not margarine)and chop up a clove of fresh garlic and spread it through the butter. Fold the bread in half and tell him to eat it. He don't have to chew it if it's too hot for him, just make sure he swallows each bite. Do this several times a day. You can also chop several cloves of garlic and a large onion and a bell pepper, fry it in olive oil and add it to just about anything he's eating. You and your entire family should be eating it too. If your son has parasites the rest of you have a very good chance of having them too.

By the way, I've taken those garlic sandwiches to the hospital to feed my friends kids when they had high fevers and antibiotics wouldn't help. Within a few hours their fevers broke and they were up playing and eating again.


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