To Save for Something

by Left in the Lurch but Not Broke

To save up for big items - Refrigerator/Washing Machine etc. I would withdraw my shopping money on the same day each week, but I'd not shop until the 8th day after my last shop.

I welcomed the challenge to stretch things just one more day. ie If I usually shop Mon draw money Monday, but 1st week shop Tue. 2nd week I'd draw money Monday but shop Wed - (since last shop was Tue not Monday it's only 8 days). Continue in same way and on the 7th week when you draw money, you will still have last weeks money in hand So you can bank it in seperate account. OK, it takes a while but I knew the fridge was on its last legs so started saving before it died - was able to pay cash when replacement day finally came, so also saved the interest I would have had to pay on HP.

My hubby left me with four youngsters, and by doing this, was able to meet big expense when they came. Also gave each of my children 1 year at college by being thrifty.

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Apr 22, 2011
Thrifty & Extremely Smart
by: Grandma

Wow, I'm so impressed with how you figured this whole system of saving money out! With four youngster to feed this couldn't have been easy for you. I'm sure there were times that that one extra day eacj week, before going grocery shopping, you had to be really creative to get meals together, but somehow you did it.

I'm sure once people grasp the concept of what you're doing it will really help save so much money for them when an expense or emergency comes up. With the way our econemy is all over the world today I have to say, congratulations, you figure out a really unique way for all of us to save.

Thank you so much for sharing this tip with us,


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