Tick Removal Tips

by Pam

I am always looking for helpful ideas to guard against ticks!!!

I have had two dogs die as a result of Lyme Disease. I think the Lyme breaks down the immune systems and if you have a weak or compromised immune system, the Lyme wins.

I am going to try the herbs you have mentioned and make a spray.

Anyway there is a homeopathic remedy Ledum, which has been used to combat Lyme Disease. I didn't have any luck with it but I'm sure if I had been educated enough, at the time on homeopathy, I would have know to consult with a professional homeopath.

I have learned through the years and with many dogs that if you "unscrew" the tick it comes out all in once piece and with really no effort. I have removed many, many ticks this way and have not been unsuccessful yet!

There is no discomfort for the dog either.

I just use a motion like I am unscrewing the tip of a screw. If you have to stop for a second it's okay just continue and after some "half turns" you can just give a little pull and "Wow", the tick comes out!!!

I then proceed to the bathroom, flush that pest, and wash my hands!

You can put some Tea Tree Ointment on the area and you will notice a scab form on the area where the tick was embedded after a couple of days.

Give it a try....I'm sure you will be successful too!!!

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Jan 07, 2012
EO'S for ticks
by: Beccie

I don't know if you give your dogs baths or not, but if you do, you can add lemongrass or citronelle Essential oils to your shampoo for them. i would suggest the lemongrass because it really does smell good. For the shampoo on a normal to small dog is one drop if it is a bigger dog you can use 2 drops. I hope you don't lose any more dogs, they mean so much to a family or single person. They are family and I know you want to do the best you can for them. Beccie

Dec 19, 2011
Tick Removal Tips
by: Grandma

Hello Pam,

Thank you so much for sharing your tips on removing ticks. It's something that is growing to epidemic proportions in some states, especially in Pennsylvania, where I live. It's also good to know that your remedy doesn't cause the animal pain, so I'm sure if used on humans it would also be painless.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you, the Christmas season snuck up on me this year and I've been so busy getting my act together.

Thanks again,


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