Thanks and Here's Some Possibly Helpful Information

by Logan

HI Grandma--I came across your website after enduring 24 hours of near constant diarrhea. Getting a little panick-y, I tried your suggestions and--yep--they worked! Thank you so much! I have a strong interest in holistic health (and a degree in herbal studies)so, I'm not surprised it worked. Just very grateful that you are making this information available to people!

I read about your upcoming surgery and wanted to suggest you check out transdermal magnesium--one of the great curealls that is being rediscovered. So many ills--from dental problems, headaches, to osteoporosis, skin problems, fatigue--are being traced to a deficiency in magnesium. While many people know about magnesium, they don't know the incredible rapid changes people can experience from having magnesium applied through the skin. And how much of what gets taken orally gets lost through the digestive process. You may find this helpful to yourself and the people who read your website. Knowing about it has been a boon for so many of us. For more info, check out Magnesium for Life and (products) Ancient Minerals.

Yours in health, Logan

(PS: I forwarded your gin and raisins recipe to my 80 year old Mom who has arthritis now in her hands. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of it!)

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Nov 16, 2011
Response to Beccie
by: Logan

Hi Becci--I sited a couple of resources for magnesium in my comment--Magnesium for Life and Ancient Minerals (where you can purchase). Ancient Minerals is expensive but terrific. Other people have had success purchasing magnesium (for a lower cost) from other sources and using in baths or making their own magnesium oil. You might check out Earth Clinic--a website where consumers write in on natural solutions they have used (and had success with)for every imaginable health problem. Good luck! Logan

Nov 16, 2011
where do you get it
by: Beccie

Hi Grandma and Logan, I have been reading about your suggestion of using Mag. on the skin. Where do you get that. I also have been reading info on Fibro that they suggest Vitamin D3 taken orally and on the skin. Can you suggest to me and the readers where we can get these items and whether or not you have tried either of them to see if they work. Thank you so much for your info and sharing all your info with us Grandma, you are a special Angel sent to us and I for one love you. I am sorry to hear that you are still suffering with pain. Love B

Nov 15, 2011
How Thoughtful!
by: Grandma

Hello Logan,

It means so much to me when someone actully takes the time to write to me and let me know that one of my home remedies helped them. It makes me realize that all the hours I have devoted to my website is well worth the effort. Believe me, there are times I have my doubts.

I'm especially flattered that you took the time to read my "about me" page and thought enough to write to me and try to help me in return. Although I have already had my knee operation (I need to update that page) I still suffer with pain. I also take magnesium on a regular basis to help relieve the pain and muscle spasms but I really didn't think about applying it to the skin to absorb into the muscle. I thank you so much Logan for suggesting it. I will, without a doubt, check out the pages your recommend. I hope many of my visitors will read about your remedy.

I do hope your mother finds relief with the raison and gin remedy.

Please visit us often, your wisdom is a real asset to our little community,


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