Thank You

by Gladys Andersen
(San Bruno, Ca USA)

Hello grandma Patty. I came across your website after googling uti for my daughter. I am blessed by what you have to say and I bookmarked your site as my favorite.

I am very interested in doing something like what you are doing with sbi. I am looking at the opportunity for the first time from your web site. I am excited and I am sure a lot of hard work, too. I would like to pursue this opportunity and give you the credit. Is it possible to keep in touch with you? I know you are a pretty busy lady but when you get a chance, my email is I hope to hear from you.

Thank you for taking your time in reading my email. God bless you today.

Gladys Andersen

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Oct 26, 2009
by: Grandma

Hello Gladys,

I'm so flattered by your kind words today. I hope in a small way my wisdom is able to help your daughter's condition, although I'm not sure what uti refers to. And yes, you're right, I have been pretty busy but I'm never too busy to make a new friend and help anybody that reaches out to me.

When I first started building Grandma's Wisdom it was all about my passion to help people that were so sick and tired of dealing with medical doctors and their so-called miracle drugs. I just hated seeing people getting sicker and sicker with all the side effects. I never dreamed my website would grow to what it has. SBI has brought me to where I am today and I will always be grateful for their passion to help people build their own home business.

You may have already read that I injured my hip about 3 years ago and Grandpa and I are looking at retirement in the next couple of years. With my injury we realized we will have to give up or home we've lived in for almost 30 years and buy a ranch house, something much easier for me to get around and take care of. We didn't know how we could afford it with retiring. Because of my income through my home business I now have enough money saved for a nice down payment on my new dream home. Believe me Gladys, if I can accomplish this, so can you or anybody else that is considering starting their own home business.

Sorry if I'm rattling on here, I'm just so passionate about SBI and what I have seen them do for so many people.

I will be emailing you today so we can discuss anything that is on your mind,

Grandma Patty :)

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