Termite Control Recipe..

by salmeen
(Makkah, Saudi Arabia)

Hi Grandma!

first, i'd like to say you have a very fascinating webpage. I love your tidbits of wisdom. Am sure it'll all be handy one day; so i'll be sure to bookmark your page.

I had a question regarding the termite control recipe on your site: it states that i need to add some grape jelly, wet cat food and boric acid. are there any alternatives? can any other jelly be used? can i replace wet cat food with anything else? if the ingredients are irreplaceable, then i'll need to make a trip to get these, otherwise, i was hoping i could try it out today.

Also, do you suppose there's any hope for the furniture infested with termites? My children's bunk bed and a very valuable rocking chair seems to have signs of termite infestation. should i wipe down this mixture onto the furniture?

thank you so much for your time and advice!
take care of yourself, x

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Feb 04, 2013
Recipe for Termite Control
by: Grandma

Hello Salmeen,

I'm so glad you found my website and enjoyed visiting it enough to mark it in your favorite places.

Please DO NOT spread this termite recipe over your furniture. This would make such a sticky mess and be dangerous to your children and any pets you may have in your home. This mixture is really toxic and should only be used in the areas the termites may be getting into your home, like under the house or basement and even then only in areas children and pets can't reach. This mixture is a treat the termites would carry back to the queen. The queen is actually who you are trying to kill so she will stop breeding. Once the queen is dead the termites will move away and find a new queen to serve. But, you probably could use any kind of jelly in the mixture and any really high protein wet food but for sure you need to boric acid, that is what will kill the queen.

As far as your furniture, I'd suggest spraying the beds and rocking chair with Distilled White Vinegar. It has a really high acid content and will not only chase the termites but also burn the termites that it sprays on. I'd do this for several days in a row and wipe the furniture down where it is running. Just make sure you get the spray in the cracks and joints.


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