temporary flea control for cats and dogs

by Robert L. Irwin
(Gilford NH 03249)



If you can not afford the expensive treatments for
fleas, I have a solution to help your animals.

First try 15 parts of apple cider vinegar to 1 part water to make sure they have no side effects. Notice, this is only temporary and has to be used once a week until you can see the vet for the brand named product that works for a month, because 08 has been a very wet season and the fleas are plentiful and reproducing at alarming rate.

It is better than nothing, no guarantees but if it helps the animals, why not try it. Apple cider vinegar is all natural

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Aug 30, 2008
Flea Control and Vinegar
by: Grandma

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks you so much for your tip on flea control. You're right, flea's have been really bad this year. I know people that don't even have pets and having problems with infestation in their homes.

I have several cats and was late getting started on the flea control this year, wish I knew your tip earlier, I'll be sure to remember it next year.

And thanks for sharing the picture of your beautiful cat. I can see you take very good care of your animals.


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