Dear Grandma

Do you perhaps have a home remedy for teeth whitening?

Thank you


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Aug 02, 2011
An extra boost for teeth whitening
by: Angie C

I like to add a little hydrogen peroxide to the baking soda along with a small amount of tooth paste (not gel)and brush vigorously but not too hard. Rinse well and don't swallow.Swish mouth rinse around and in and out through teeth first before brushing.Do this once or twice a week,but brush regularly twice a day with tooth paste. this is tried and true.

Jul 19, 2011
Teeth Whitening
by: Anonymous

I've heard that Activated Charcoal whitens teeth. It has many other benefits also.

Jul 19, 2011
Remedy for Teeth Whitening
by: Grandma

Hi Cindy,

Back when I was in my teens (a very long time ago :))we never heard of going to a dentist to have our teeth cleaned or whitened. We just couldn't afford such a luxury. If they made products to whiten your teeth back then, we never heard about it. What we did was brush our teeth with baking soda. It would whiten, brighten and polish our teeth. But I have to warn you, it tastes like crapola. ha! There are toothpastes out now with baking soda as a tooth whitener but I think just putting some on your toothbrush every once in awhile will make your teeth really white and bright without worrying about ruining the enamel.


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