Grandma's Amish Home Remedy for
Extracting a Tapeworm

It's rare to hear about a good home remedy that can extract a tapeworm, larvae and eggs from your intestine, especially one that is non-evasive and safe. Before taking medication or getting talked into an operation it's worth trying. This home remedy was passed down to me from an Amish Grandma that I have grown to trust her wisdom over the years.

I realize this home remedy seems a bit bizarre and dealing with a tapeworm at all is a little gross but it isn't very expensive to try and even if it doesn't work it still has some nice benefits.

What is a tapeworm?

It's an intestinal parasite that enters the human body as larvae or an egg. As the larvae matures it turns into a tape-like worm that can actually become pretty large. The body becomes a host to this parasite, like all parasites it sets up a homestead in your body and can live there as long as 20 years!

tapeworm in lab bottles There are three types of tapeworms

  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Fish

A parasite infection is usually caused by the ingestion of the eggs or larvae. The eggs are generally ingested through food, water or soil contaminated with human or animal feces. The larvae are usually ingested through undercooked pork or beef or eating raw fish. For example, animals living in improperly-treated sewage can easily pick up larvae, the larvae can be passed on to humans who consume the meat.

As the egg or larvae enters your system it migrates to the intestines, where it matures into an adult that can measure up to 50 feet long and it can actually survive as long as 20 years! Some tapeworms attach themselves to the walls of the intestine, where they cause irritation or mild inflammation, while others may pass through to your stool and exit your body without you even noticing.

photo of a large tapeworm on a laboratory dish While being treated for tapeworm infection, you can re-infect yourself by ingesting the eggs that is shed by the adult worm into your stool.

It's extremely important to take care to wash your hands after every bowel movement.

Each segment of the parasite is capable of producing eggs. Larvae may stay confined to the intestines, or they may migrate through your tissues to other parts of the body and cause more serious complications.

Symptoms of Tapeworms

  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss

Most people that are infected with a parasite won't notice any symptoms at all for many years then suddenly you're dealing with an illness that comes out of nowhere.

The first clue to look for is to pay attention to your stool. You may notice passing the larvae or eggs during a bowel movement. Look for tiny white movements in the stool.

If you are looking for parasite information and parasite herbal remedies visit Grandma's Herbal Remedies & Parasite Cleanse Guide .

A Relaxing Milk Bath
Known to Extract Adult Tapeworm, Larvae & Eggs

photo of a relaxing milk bath to expel a tapewormEven though there is parasite medication it's not only a hassle to take, it can make you feel very sick, plus you may have to go through this several times before you're free of parasites not to mention you still have to deal with the tests involved.

Your physician will have to determine which kind of tapeworm your dealing with, before you start taking the medication. You'll need to take a stool sample to your family physician on a monthly basis to determine if you passed the intestinal parasite. Plus, the medication only expels the adult tapeworm leaving the larvae and eggs behind. So there is a real possibility that the larvae could mature into another parasite.

The Amish Grandma I mentioned above, has become a close friend over time (the Amish don't make friends too easily with outsiders). Slowly she started to share some secrets with me. One secret she shared with me was she insists that at least once a year every family member take a milk bath. She said this is only a precaution to make sure there is no family member dealing with parasites and especially a tapeworm. I couldn't help but question this since I found this to be a bit odd, after all, they raise all their own meat and vegetables. Especially since they also have pure clean well water, and raise their own dairy cows so they can do their own milking and milk processing. After questioning her, she insisted that it's a precaution that isn't a big expense and you just never know what an animal will get into. Then she boasted that this annual ritual not only keeps her family's intestines healthy, it also helps to keep the family's skin PH balance healthy too. If you've ever seen the complexion of an Amish woman you'd know why she was bragging.

Then she told me a story of when she was a young girl growing up on the same farm she is living on now. She became very ill and her mother suspected she was suffering from a parasite. At that time they had no plumbing inside their home so her mother had her sit in a washtub filled with milk. She said as a child it was awfully hard to sit still for any period of time but she was so glad she did. She suddenly felt a tingling in her rectum and could tell something was sliding through. Her mother was right, a large tapeworm suddenly appeared along with a nest of eggs and larvae. Apparently the tapeworm smells the milk and starts slithering to it. Once it expels into the liquid it drowns.

photo of a beautiful cottage with wash tubs sitting along side to take a milk bath to expel tapewormsA male friend of mine asked me if I knew of any home remedies for parasites. He had just gotten out of the Army and was adjusting to being home after spending 18 months in Korea. He wasn't sure if he was experiencing a tapeworm but said a rubber band type object was protruding from his rectum and when he'd try to pull it out it would withdraw back inside his rectum.

I told him the story of the milk bath and the Amish Grandma and he tried it, sure enough, he expelled a large tapeworm.

It's well worth a try if your experiencing any symptoms of a tapeworm, what do you have to lose? After all, you'll still be doing your skin a favor!

Most people don't have access to fresh whole milk that hasn't been processed, but it is the best to use for this milk bath. Of course the Amish usually have their own dairy farms and it's no big deal to fill a bathtub with unprocessed milk.

If you're willing to try this home remedy you're going to need 3 to 4 gallons of whole milk. Let the milk sit until it's room temperature. In the meantime, fill your bathtub with hot water and let it sit for awhile to heat up the tub, then drain. Add the milk and if you really need to, you can add about a quart of hot water. It's important to have enough milk that it covers your entire rectum while bending your knees. Keep your knees bent and try to relax. If you need to, read a book, light candles, play music, use anything you can to keep yourself relaxed. Once the tapeworm starts to expel from your rectum it will withdraw back inside if you tense up, it has no desire to leave its cozy home. Plan on sitting at least an hour in the tub and sometimes it may take a few times before you see results. Of course the end result is when you see the tapeworm. Even then I'd suggest doing it all over again in about a week, just to make sure you expelled the larvae too.


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