Tapeworm Home Remedy

by Jim
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Shortly after returning from Vietnam in the late sixties I was worried I had unknowingly imported a tapeworm. No other symptoms other than significant weight loss, irratability, the odd stomach cramp and oh yea, the sensation of a rubber band sticking out of my butt. It was a bartender who offered this remedy, guaranteed to work. What you do is pour yourself a hot bath. Once settled, you lean back, raise your hips and spread your legs. Hold a mirror up to your ass and wait for the reaction. I asked the bartender what kind of reaction he was talking about and he confided .... Well, the theory is ... a healthy tapeworm cannot resist the sight of another asshole.

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May 04, 2012
Tapeworm worries
by: Rebecca

Omg Lol!!! Im 29yrs old and ive been overseas several times for the Navy,i recently read up about tapeworms and ive been freaking out ever since cuz I have 3 kids but i only weigh 110 pounds,alot of people have told me thats why im so skinny but I do take good care of myself! So thanks for this Jim im sharing it with all my military buddies and will graciously offer them my mirror too!!! Lol!

Aug 20, 2009
Tapeworm remedy
by: Anonymous

This was tooo funny!

Aug 17, 2009
Tape Worm and Chuckle
by: Grandma

Hello Jim

I have to admit, you made my day. I've been giggling ever since I read your Tape Worm Recipe. I'm usually very careful what I publish on my website but this one I just couldn't resist sharing with my visitors.

Thank you for helping to lighten up such a serious problem.


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