Starting Your Own Online Businesss and Wolf Spiders

by Linda G

Hi Granma!
Thank you for all your pearls of wisdom. This informational page on starting your own online business hasn't been updated since 2009. You must have newer or updated information on website businesses? I've recently been laid off and given my age I'd very much like to create an online home business myself.
Can you give me some advice for 2014?

I also have a spider issue, mostly in my unfinished (Illinois Wolf spiders) basement. Do you have any updated info on sooshing them away? They are very very ugly/creepy with nasty bites..I have couple cats living with me on the first floor and I cannot have those dangerous spiders coming up the vents etc. I really need to irradicate the spiders.

Thank you.
Linda G.

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Oct 21, 2014
Online Business, SBI & Getting Rid of Wolf Spiders
by: Patricia

Hello Linda,

It's so strange that you asked me about updating my profile & about starting your online business. About a week ago a friend of mine put a link to my website and my profile on her facebook page and actually got a lot of attention. I noticed the link and clicked on it to make sure it worked and noticed the date I last updated my profile and was shocked. I actually have 3 websites and work on them all the time. But didn't realize I hadn't paid much attention to the profile area. You're right Linda, I really need to update it. I have a lot to share but way to much to write it here. But I can tell you, starting your own online business is something you will never regret. I'm retired and can't imagine living on my pension.

As far as the Wolf Spiders, oh my, they are ugly critters. I think the easiest and most efficient way to get these spiders on the run is to spray the areas with mint. Just buy some oils of mint the best is Pennyroyal, they really hate Pennyroyal and you can mix it with water, try about a cup of water to about a dozen drops of Pennyroyal and just spray your basement and in your vents and they will just simply run away and find another place to live. Plus it makes your home smell so nice. I buy my spray bottles at the dollar store and they work great!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention about the profile, I put it on my to-do list. Life just has a way of pulling my attention away from things I really need to get done.


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