Solutions for Lipomas

by Bonnie-Lee

Hi Grandma, I am unable to find the turmeric and olive oil recipe as a topical solution for my lipoma. Also, I was wondering if you have another solution to help dissolve the large fatty deposit that is on the back of my left leg with any internal supplements that may act quickly? Or another topical solution that eliminates fat quickly. I know that no solution will act overnight but would like to see some improvement on the area before having to go to the surgeon's office. I had surgery on it once a few years ago, and only left a scar, as the last surgeon only took a biopsy and discovered it was a lipoma. He thought it may be a tumor of some sort, and since has retired. I need to see another surgeon on July 5th, and would love to avoid surgery again.

Please, let me know as I am very deeply concerned and would like to avoid surgery if at all possible.

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Jun 30, 2011
Thank you for you feed back :)
by: Anonymous

Hi Grandma, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Needless to say I am reluctant on having more surgery, and at this point I feel somewhat desperate. I see the surgeon on the July 5th, and may ask him what he thinks as far as other options that may be available. I hear where you are coming from, from a patient point of view. My family doctor is somewhat of an "idiot" too. :) I do appreciate your feed back, and will look forward to more of your advise, on other topics in the future. As I enjoy and prefer herbal remedies over prescription medication any day.

Again thank you, and God bless!!


Jun 30, 2011
Lipoma Remedies
by: Grandma

Hello Bonnie-Lee,

To be honest Bonnie-Lee, I really don't know of home remedies to relieve Lipoma. I had to research the remedy you mentioned, olive oil and turmerac but it might be worth a try. I guess all you need to do is mix some olive oil with turmeric and massage it into the area.

My guess would be that a disorder like this would need to be taken care of from the inside. There is something that is causing you to form fatty deposits in your legs. If I was dealing with this I'd try the vinegar tonic. You can find the recipe on the left, the button is marked "vinegar tonic". This is something that's very inexpensive and it's a really healthy tonic and I believe it would help clean your blood. But I wouldn't count on it helping before you go to your appointment in July. This would be a slow process.

Many years ago I had a lump form on my wrist and the pain became unbearable. The first Dr. I went to wanted to slam a book over it to make it burst and release the fluid. Needless to say, I told him he was an idiot and refused his treatment. The second Dr. I saw wanted to operate, again I refused. At that time I worked as a Chiropractic assistant and told to the Chiropractor about it and he tried manipulating the ligments and bones around the lump. He did this three days in a row and each time the fluid released slowly. Finally it just vanished and I never had the problem again. I really have no idea if this would help you, but if I was dealing with your problem I'd try that option before getting surgery. I realize what I was dealing with was fluid and you're dealing with fatty deposits and that could make all the difference as far as treatment but I do think talking to a Chiropractor wouldn't hurt.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help,


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