Sodium Chlorite

by Nan

Hi y'all I have been researching sodium chlorite a substance
That has been used for water purification for
Over one hundred years but a man named Jim humble
Has discovered that it can destroy 95 percent of all pathogens
When combined with citric acid. It is well worth the research
To check it out on YouTube and Google. Sodium chlorite is used
In mms miracle mineral solution. My research points to the fact that
The FDA would rather the public not know about mms because if people
Started using mms it would deal a major blow to the pharmaceutical
Companies because many diseases can be rid of by
Using mms including cancer. Here is a link to an eye opening video
On YouTube where a Red Cross video was leaked concerning
Some amazing results concerning mms and malaria being cured
In less than 24 hours.

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Jan 18, 2015
Wisdom and Research
by: Grandma

Thank you Nan for sharing the wisdom you have stumbled across about Sodium Chlorite and citric acid for water purification. I haven't had a chance to visit the video yet but I will over the next couple of days.


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