"Snores" not Smores is the question

by Full of Snores, Not Smores
(Red Lion, PA.)

Grandma, Red Lion, PA. back in the house. Listen, do you have any suggestions for "Serious Snoring". Myself, 56 yr old female not "freemale" and her 15 yr old "built for speed and accuracy" daughter are both the recipients of this situation. Oh yes, we both got a small "done-lap disease" (our guts lapping over top our knees), but we are doing something about it - "Saying No to the goodies that love invading our frontal vision and yes to the Biggest Loser exercises (yeah, right). But honestly though, using disciplinary measures to assist us in this journey. We know that "Help is On the Way". Thanks in advance for your attention to these matters.

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Nov 17, 2011
by: Grandma


You sure have a flare for writing..ha! First of all, congratulations to you and your daughter for making a real attempt at losing those extra pounds.

As far as the snoring, I wish somebody would help me find a cure. Grandpa drives me up a wall most nights with his snoring. I have tried so many home remedies, herbal remedies and even those nose strips that are supposed to be so great and nothing works. What frustrates me is, there are times he don't snore at all and there are times he can't stop snoring. In my mind if he can go one night without snoring why not every night? So if you do find a good remedy or anyone reading this knows of a good remedy for snoring, please let me know.


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