Slight to Moderate Burn Remedy

by Sandra

I was told once that if you burn yourself at home or work, to take a slice of raw potato and lay it over affected area. Of course I thought that was silly. Ice was my method, though to be honest it rarely took away the burning sensation. As life or luck would have it I was cooking something involving grease not much later. As I stood barefoot at the stove a glob of grease, in slow motion, came popping out of the pan and helpless to move I watched as it landed on the top of my foot. It seemed a perfect time to test the potato theory. I cut a slice off a potato and placed it over my burn (after wiping off the grease of course). It took the burning sensation away immediately! I left it on for like 30 minutes, switching out potato slices when the burning came back, and was able to take a shower that same day with no discomfort whatsoever. No peeling or blistering and you could hardly tell I was burned. Just a smaller pink circle was left. Really works!

If your skin is severly burned please see a professional!

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Mar 05, 2014
Potaoto more than just food.
by: Gary

Also potato works on warts...papa do it when i was a kid...sliced it and rub on then tell me to throw it over my shoulder and not look day be gone...thought it was realize their must be a ingredient in the potato that kills the dna of the wart...Kentucky folk remedy
Also colgate toothpaste is great for burns and offers instant relief...cooling
also for severe insect bites..COLGATE be number one..kills the dna of the byte..instant relief...saved me when attacked and swollen and protruding over an inch around my neck and no hospital around as i was in asia at night my colgate

Apr 15, 2012
Home Remedy for Burns
by: Grandma

Hi Sandra,

Thank you so much for sharing your home remedy for burns. I'll be honest, I've never heard of putting a raw potato on a burn to not only relieve the pain but also to help with scaring.

It was really great to read your testimony. You not only provided a really good home remedy you also wrote a great testimony of why it works. I will, without a doubt, remember your potato home remedy for burns.


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