Sinus and Chest Conjestion

I had surgery about a month ago. Every since then I have had terrible sinus and chest conjestion due to sinus drainage. Dr.'s have ex-rayed and found lungs clear. Prescribed all kinds of Sudefed, Robitussion, etc. I have tried Mentholatem, steam, teas, accupuncture, and nothing is helping. It is exhuasting and I will try anything you can suggest. Thank you!

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Feb 21, 2011
Home Remedy for Sinus & Chest Congestion
by: Grandma


I'm wondering what kind of surgery you've recently had. Did it have anything to do with your sinus problems?

I'd suggest you try a neti-pot for your sinus problems, if you feel you can't tolorate a neti-pot I'd still suggest you try using sea salt-water nose drops. The sea salt will help kill any bacteria that is causing your sinus problems.

For your chest congestion I'd suggest you try my hot toddy recipe. You can find both of these home remedies if you go to the button "Home Remedies" then look for the link that says "Chest Conjestion & Nagging Cough" and "Home Remedy for Sinus Infection". I think you'll find both pages interresting.


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