Shingles & Remedies

by Vivian
(Tampa, FL)

Hi, Our Pastor has been diagnosed with Shingles. His right arm is in a lot of pain and doctors believe its associated with shingles not a sprain? Thanks for your response. Really like your website...Vivian

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Mar 11, 2012
Awful Painful Shingles
by: Grandma

Hello Vivian,

I'm so glad to read that you're enjoying visiting my website. It's so nice of you to take the time to inquire about your pastors shingles.

I went through a bout with the shingles about 2 years ago and it was an awful experience. Before that time I had no idea what people with shingles go through. Of course, that set me in motion to research and find out all I could about shingles.

The first thing I found out is there was no sense in visiting my medical family doctor. Shingles come from a virus that lays dormant inside all of us that suffered from the chicken pox when we were children. It just goes dormant until something, usually stress related, brings our immune system down to the point where the virus can become active again. The medical field can't do anything with a virus. Antibiotics are for bacteria and if you take an antibiotic when dealing with a virus you can actually get worse.

I decided to start taking herbal supplements to build the immune system, I took I-Lysine and Echinecea Purpurea. Even though the outbreak lasted about 2 weeks, the pain and marks lasted almost 3 months. The pain was awful but the herbs really did help relieve the pain and build my immune system back to where my body could finally fight the virus. You can also tell him to try to keep the pain area, his shoulder, cool with a hot water bottle filled with cold tap water. That really helped me.

The main thing I want to stress here is, please tell your pastor to stay away from small children and pregnant women. Shingles are highly contagious and he should try to just hybernate for awhile. I made sure I stayed away from all my grandchildren during this time.


PS If he wants to start taking herbal supplements the best herbs I've found is Natures Sunshine. I believe in them so much that I offer them online, here is my website. Believe me, not all herbs are created equal, these are the only herbs I take or will give to my family.

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