SBI and Home Remedy Suggestion

by lauri
(murray ky)

Hi Grandma Patty,

Thank you for your wonderful site first of all.. back in Nov. myself, husband and 2 children came down w/ some chest thing and could not stop coughing... found your hot toddy.... boiled honey, lemon.... we did not have the rum? Handy to put in too but everyone drank it and actually got at least one good nights sleep.... couldn't get them to take it after that but I truly believe it did help use to sleep without waking up from huge coughing fits. So thank you for that!

Secondly.... I noticed your info on the sbi and have clicked the link and read up on it all.... I am really wanting to take the next step and sign up but am needing an extra push I guess. I am 35.... married mother of 2.... ages 4 and 6. Our 4 yr old son is autistic so I am always looking for natural things to help.. I've just about tried it all... or are still trying some things like homeopathy and naet plus lots of vitamins. Thankfully almost everything we have used has made some type of diff. To get his little body back to normal. We believe he was vaccine injured from mmr shots. He's amazing... and worth every once of my time, efforts and unfortunately... limited funds.

My point... I stay at home with our kiddos but also own 2 businesses. I free lance interior design and am a custom children's boutique designer and seamstress. All my patterns are original and I as of right now still sew almost every stitch on my pieces. BUT this income still does not pay for his needs.... about $1,000. Per month and I am really needing to find something else that can earn us some extra income to help us pay for his needs and us not have to save up for treatments but to use them now. Anyway.... I guess I am just looking for a few words of wisdom about sbi. I understand the money amount coming in will very due to each persons site but if I just started out using the site to sell my clothing and various other handmade items and added in the other ad and referrals they mentioned..... I don't know what I'm asking... is it worth the efforts? I currently use fb to sell my items and also have a store on but have no time to even post items there as I stay pretty busy just by word of mouth.... so I'm looking for something that for minimal time could help us out with extra income. Thank you I advance ... just wanting to hear from someone who is using the program.

And last.... I have run across and used many remedies... love them and not sure if you have this one on your site but GSE grapefruit seed extract.... it has lots of uses. Started out using it for Eli... to reduce inflammation.... specifically for autistics... on and in the brain but then noticed that.... on the label stated lots of uses.... it kills tons of germs... even strep. In fact... I used this for the first time as an antibiotic for that horrible chest fever cough thing I mentioned we all had in Nov. and my hubby... who did not take the GSE several times a day had to get an antibiotic proscribed for him... I like to try and keep my good bacteria doctors... thank you very much :-) so not only does it kill bacteria but I use it on hubbys poison ivy, anywhere that you want to kill bacteria... counters.... and ves in every load of cloths I was... great stain booster I've noticed, even blood and this way i KNOW my cloths are clean. It does not cause any fading nor bleaching and I think makes the cloths softer too.

P.s. I tried to add a pic of just one of the many things I design and sew but can't see what I've selected... I'm on a tablet and have not added pic to a site yet... still figuring this thing out so I'm so sorry if you end up with something random ha ha.

Thank you for your site again... I'm so happy for you in your indevors and wish you all the best.
God bless,

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Apr 21, 2012
SBI & Grapefrut Seed Extract
by: Patricia

My goodness Lauri, you are one busy lady!

Thank you for your tips on your research of grapefruit seed extract. I never realized it was good for so many things, especially laundry. I will be doing some research on it as soon as I get time.

I'm so glad you found my hot toddy recipe and it helped your family get a good nights rest. Although, I'm sure the rum would have helped even more.

As far as SBI I can tell you I absolutely love it. I have 3 websites through SBI and it was the best thing I have ever done to improve my income and help me keep working through my retirement years. But...if you are only thinking of selling on SBI then I wouldn't suggest it. There are so many other ways to sell on the internet, like e-Bay. SBI teaches everyone to build content simply because that is what most people are searching for on the internet, like when you found my hot toddy recipe. Of course once you learn to build your content and people start trusting you then it's always good to have something you can sell. I hope you understand what I'm trying to get across here. First you build content, then traffic, then you can start selling.

We do have a lot in common Lauri, my youngest son, now 27, has Asparger Syndrome, a form of autism. When he was in 2nd grade I took him out of school and started homeschooling him because at that time they didn't have a program to help him in the schools here. He now has a 4 year college degree and I couldn't be more proud. But, like you I had to find a way to make an income and be able to stay home. I did a lot of things before finding SBI or even owning a computer but it was all worth it. I hope you'll do more research about SBI and if you decide this is what you want to do let me know and I'll be glad to help you any way I can.

By the way, loved seeing the dress you made, so beautiful.


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