Restless legs

by John
(Launcesto Tasmania Australia)

Hi Grandma,
More often than not I go to bed tired looking forward to a good sleep but as I start to doze off I feel my legs twitching, I guess the best way to describe the sensation is "like electric current through the legs", this sensation keeps me awake for sometimes up to two hours which results in poor sleep leading to a lethargic following day.

I have two questions relating to this problem:

1. What causes this? and

2. How can I reduce this sensation so I can have sleep better?

Hope you can assist me here!!!!

Regards John

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Feb 21, 2011
RLS & Ivory Soap
by: Anonymous

It works!!!!!!

Oct 04, 2009
Home Remedy for Restless Leg Syndrom
by: Grandma

Hello John,

Welcome to Grandma's small community.

I don't know if you found the page I wrote on my bizarre home remedy for Restless Leg Syndrome. I realize it's torture to be so exhausted night after night looking forward to a good nights sleep only to be greeted with your legs twitching and driving you up a wall.

Please go to the button on the left "Home Remedies" and scroll down to the link to the page "Restless Leg Syndrome" and read what I wrote about this. What it all boils down to is a simple home remedy of putting a bar of soap between your mattress and fitted sheet. I know it sounds weird but I also know that it's worked for many people. Just make sure it isn't deodorant soap or anti-bacterial. I'd suggest the original Ivory soap.

I also know there are herbal formulas that are recommended for your problem. If you are interested in this natural herbal formula you can buy it by going to the button that says "Easy Shopping" and go to the link that says "Native Remedies". They are a really nice company to deal with and anything you buy is guaranteed. I've used their products and wouldn't recommend them if I didn't feel they have quality herbal formulas.


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