Removing Scar tissue of a muscle under the skin

by Daniel
(New Kensington Pa. USA)

How do I eliminate deep scar of muscle tissue under the skin?

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Jan 22, 2009
Scar Tissue
by: Grandma

Hi Daniel,

It's so nice to know that fellow Pennsylvanians are finding Grandma's Wisdom.

Scar tissue is something that should be handled professionally. I'll bet you've already been told that but hate the thought of someone pulling and tugging on that sore injury.

Actually scar tissue is the body's way of protecting an injury. But it does limit your range of motion and is so painful if you try moving that area in any direction beyond what that scar tissue will allow. As painful as it sounds (and it is) that scar tissue needs broken loose with range of motion movements and deep tissue massage. This will take a series of treatments over a period of time, usually 6 weeks to 6 months. This should be done gently through physical therapy.

I can't remember where New Kensington is, but if it's close to the Altoona or Johnstown area I could recommend an excellent physical therapist that took care of me several times over the past years.

As much as you'd love to take care of this problem yourself Daniel, through exercise and stretching, in the long run, you'd be much better off getting physical therapy. It's just too painful to try to deal with this on your own.

Good luck,


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