Remedy for Toddler Eating Habits

by Dipali

Hi Grandma, my name is Dipali, I have two years old twins, a daughter and a son, my son is
Giving so hard time to feed him, I spend more then one hour to feed him but he do not eat, I
Am so tired for his eating habit can you suggest me some homemade remedies so he can eat proper , I really appreciate for your help.
I have another Que. is do you suggest me something which one help my babies to keep healthy
and they do not sick often

If you can answer me personally then I write done my email address as below

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May 08, 2013
Toddler Eating Habits
by: Grandma

Hello Dipali,

The first thing I'd like to suggest is stop worrying so much. I do understand how little ones can really press our buttons but you need to remember, no two children are alike, even if they are twins. Never compare them with their eating, or who walked or talked first.

All children go through different eating habits, some eat too much, some too little, some just want junk food. Here's a little trick I used when my children were little, and actually, so did my mother. Sit food around in plain sight, like carrot or celery sticks, a bowl of dry cereal, grapes and raisins. Just let him pick at the finger foods throughout the day. Never make a big fuss when he won't eat his meals, just tell him if he takes a bite of each of the foods on his plate he can be excused. You'll be surprised at how this little game will improve his appetite and get him more interested in food. Just make sure the snacks are healthy, stay away from junk food.


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