Remedy for Itchy Scalp

by Karen

Can you please help me, my scalp all over my head is always itchy, I scratch it to the point it seeps out a clear liquid, it's painful but I can't stop scratching my head. Do you have any suggestions to clear it up?
I have tried everything, tea tree oil, dandruff shampoos, steroid shampoos, I just can't a solution, it's affecting my life drastically and this has worsened the past week. Just to mention I don't have oily skin or scalp, I have recently fought the battle of eczema on my skin and muslin is clear now but my scalp has suddenly became an itching war especially at night.
So please help me find a natural solution.

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May 23, 2012
Home Remedy for Itchy Scalp
by: Grandma

Hello Karen,

You might want to try rinsing your hair, after shampooing and rinsing the soap out, with Apple Cider Vinegar. Just mix half a cup of vineage with half cup of warm water and rinse your scalp, don't worry about the smell it will evaporate. If that don't help the itch you could try using Listerine, make sure it's the orignial Listerine. It was orginally made for dandruff problems and itcy scalp.


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