Remedy for Gnats

by km garber
(aynor, sc)

our home has been invaded by gnats. it seems like everything i try helps them to multiply. what can i use to get rid of them?

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May 09, 2012
Gnats are Invading Everywhere
by: Grandma


I just got a phone call a couple of days ago from a friend of mine that is having the same problem from gnats. Last summer I couldn't go out on my deck without seeing hundreds of gnats flying around everywhere, it's so strange. thing I know there is no sense in trying to use something to swat them with since they are so small. When they are in my house I use hairspray, the cheaper the brand the better. Mixing White Vinegar with water in a mister also helps. Try to avoid buying fruit that lays out on your counter, like bananas.


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