Remedy for Cough when Injured...!!

hi grandma..

what to do to get quick relief from cough when got a bone fracture..because its too much pain when i cough..


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Jul 21, 2011
Hot Toddy!
by: Grandma

Isn't it amazing how painful a simple sneeze or cough can drive you up a wall when you're injured?

Believe me, I know, last year I had a very painful torn rotator cup and anytime I'd sneeze or cough it felt like I injured myself all over again.

I'd suggest you make yourself a hot toddy, you can find the recipe on the left, the button reads "Hot Toddy Recipe". Make a batch and store it in a container with a lid, glass is best. Then just take a spoonful anytime you want to cough. It will help soothe your throat and settle your bronichial tubes down. It will also help you get some much needed rest.


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