Remedy for Bowel Issues

by mel

I never seem to have a normal bowel movement anymore and it doesn't seem to matter much what I eat. NEVER ever constipated. Just either diarrhea or weird loose or sticky stool. I am having hormone issues and am starting to try gluten free (its really about the only thing left) I just wish I could figure this out without going to gastro doc and getting the scope and then being told I have IBS. I am 51 and female. Thanks!


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Mar 05, 2014
by: Gary

I think Grandma may be right about the milk.
however if this does not take care the problem
Then i HIGHLY recommend Probiotics. Done wonders for me.. go here

Also a very good EXCELLENT site that goes into detail

Apr 10, 2013
Loose Bowel Remedy
by: Grandma

Hello Mel,

I'm really sorry I couldn't answer your submission sooner, my internet service was down for 2 days.

I would suggest you try giving up all dairy products from you diet. It sounds like you may have a dairy allergy. If you want to read about dairy allergies just look for the button on the left that reads "Allergy Wisdom" then just scroll until you find the link for Dairy Allergy. The Gluten Free diet may also help you, you just may have a gluten allergy.

You can also try eating a bowl of brown rice with your meal each day. Banana's are really good for this problem too.


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