Remedy for an Absessed Tooth?

by Angie C
(Los Angeles, CA)

Several years ago I went to a dentist whom I thought was a really good dentist because he seemed so caring and even offered free lauging gas to those like me who hate needles. I had originally gone to him because he was more thoughtful than the dentist I had previously been to who was supposed to give me an antibiotic for a tooth he had worked on but only prescribed pain meds. Anyway when I went BACK sometime later to the new dentist for a tooth that was bothering me, he first said I might need a Root Canal. I told him I couldn't afford one and didn't have regular insurance just a credit card that could be used for medical and pet needs, so he offered another option saying maybe I didn't need one after all.

Option 2 was more affordable only problem was he didn't crown it properly and I had trouble with it, went back and he said he felt he should still do the Root Canal. At around that same time he removed a screw for me from an old root canal on another tooth that had been done many years before. What I didn't know was he had accidentally knocked a small hole in a perfectly good tooth and I noticed that even though it hadn't started hurting, but it felt funny, especially when I rubbed my tongue across it. It eventually fell apart and the first tooth he crowned had and still has an abcess.

Many times I have carefully lanced it with a sterile needle(it didn't hurt)but it keeps coming back! is there a remedy to help fix this? Thank you!

I stay away from dentist now.

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Oct 02, 2021
Correction on absessed tooth NEW
by: reply to absess gum

The absess was on the gums not the tooth. I never stuck a needle in my tooth it was on the blister and it was a sterile needle. That was many years ago now and it's okay. Still having trouble finding an honest dentist. I guess they're all that way...greedy. Anyway I do take good care of my teeth and get nice comments from them but.... eventually I hope I'll find a decent one. Thanks for your advice though.

Aug 24, 2011
Oral Health
by: Grandma

My Goodness Angie, I can see why you've been depressed! You have really been through an awful ordeal with dentists. I understand why you don't want to trust another dentist but.........

I'm going to give you the same advice I would give my daughter or granddaugher. Don't fool around with your oral health. You really need to find a good dentist that you can trust and build faith in. PLEASE STOP PUTTING A NEEDLE THROUGH YOUR TOOTH! I'm sure you don't realize how serious an abscessed tooth is. That infection could easily go into your bloodstream and cause you all kinds of serious health issues. Never fool around with an abscessed tooth! There is no home remedy and you really need to get that infection cleared up.

Please promise me you'll look for a good dentist and get something done, even if you have to have it extracted.


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