Remedies for Keeping up Immune System

by Tara Fournillier

Hi my name is Tara. I suffer from a very low immune system. What are the best remedies for keeping up your immune system. Which one of your herbal drinks would you suggest.

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May 12, 2012
chavanprash/Indian gooseberries for immunity builder
by: Jeslyn

Hi i m fairly new to ur site,but to make ur immune system strong what u can do is try taking chavanprash avaliable in india or eat indian gooseberries amla its very gud for ur immunity,u can also prepare chavanprash at home -its a tedious job,if u dont want to buy readymade. Jeslyn

Apr 10, 2012
Building Immune System
by: Grandma

Hello Tara,

I wouldn't suggest any one drink or herbal supplement to build your immune system back up to par. There are so many ways to build your immune system and you really should be trying them all. Like your diet. It's really important to have a healthy diet and eating lots of green vegetables, root vegetables and fresh fruits. Taking vitamin supplements are important too, like vitamin D. Minerals are important supplements too, like magnesium. Herbal teas can also help with the immune system. Fresh garlic is really important to add to your diet. It not only builds the immune system but will also fight bacteria and viruses that are already trying to knock your immune system down.

It's important to start slow and just add supplements and things to your diet daily until you notice your body getting stronger. Take notice what makes you feel good and what don't seem to agree with you.


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