Remedies for Getting to Sleep

It take me a long time to relax enough to get to sleep and get a good nights sleep. Any suggestions?

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Jan 07, 2012
Essential oils for sleep
by: Beccie

Boy you have opened up a whole computer worth of opinions, and ideas for getting enough sleep. Essential oils suggest 2 or 3 of drops of orange and lavender to a bath before bed.
You can also put a couple of drops of chamomile or lavendar on a hankie and sleep with it close by so you can smell them. They are calming. I would just put a drop of one or the other, your choice for which works best right under my nose so I could breathe it all night. These two EO's are safe enough for babies in small amounts so don't worry about having them around a baby or child. And then you have a whole computer of ideas that work for other people. Good luck and sleep well my friend. Beccie

Jan 05, 2012
Understanding Sleep Disorders
by: Grandma

There are different reasons and different remedies for sleep disorders, I wrote a page about it. Look for the button on the left that reads "Herbal Remedies" then scroll down until you find the link that reads "Sleep Disorder Remedies".


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