Red raspberry question

Hi, I have fresh red raspberry leaves from our plants that have finished fruiting, my DD (nearly15) is struggling with menstrual cramps & irregularity. I found your raspberry page very helpful- thank you!

I have never made my own herbal teas before, I was wondering if I use the leaves fresh or do I dry them on the dehydrator first? Is the quantities for the dry or fresh leaves?
Thank you

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Apr 15, 2012
Drying Raspberry Leaves
by: Grandma


You can use either the dried or fresh raspberry leaves to make the tea. Always look for the youngest leaves and make sure there is no sign of the leaves rotting. I never use a dehydrator to dry the leaves, it's best to cut the stems with the leaves attached and hang them upside down so the oils will drain into the leaves. This is where you'll find the medicinal oils for the tea. Make sure you put a brown paper back around the upside down stems to catch the leaves as they dry and fall off. This usually takes about a week or two.


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