Red Clear Spots on Throat & Cough in Child

by Daisy
(Sycamore, Illinois, USA)

My son has red spots in the back of his throat and I'm unsure what it is that he has. He does'nt have tonsils and I know that one of the signs of strep throat is white pussy spots on the tonsils. He has a fever of 100 and has a very bad cough. Any suggestions????

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Jan 24, 2011
Salt Water & Hot Toddy
by: Grandma

Hello Daisy,

I really can't give you a diagnosis on the red spots in your son's throat but I would suggest you try mixing 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in 6 ounces of warm water and get him to gargle with it several times a day. If he's too young to gargle then at least have him swish it in his mouth and spit it out several times a day.

For his sore throat I'd suggest you give him my hot toddy recipe. You can find it if you go to the button on the left side "Home Remedies" then go to the middle of the page and look for "Home Remedy for Chest Congestion and Nagging Cough". I'd worry more about the cough than the throat. You might want to mix the hot toddy with some chamomile tea in the evening to help him rest.

I wouldn't worry about the 100 degree temp. That's natural when a child has an infection, it's just the body immune system fighting back and trying to burn the infection out. It might be a good idea to take him to see his Dr. if the symptoms don't calm down after using these home remedies. I realize it usually takes so long to get a doctor appointment and usually the child's immune system will fight the infection off before you get there. I've used these home remedies on my children and grandchildren and they always seem to work if the infection isn't too dangerous.

I'd also suggest using a vaporizer around him for the next several days. Just salt water in the vaporizer, no fancy stuff.


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