propagating wisteria

by Beccie
(Jonesvile, NC)

Hi Grandma,
Beccie here. Hope you and Grandpa are well. I wanted to ask you a planting question. How do you propagate wisteria. Thanks again for your help. Beccie

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May 19, 2009
by: Beccie

Hi Grandma, Glad to hear that you and Grandpa took some time off. I hope you had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for getting back to me. This sounds like something even I can do. Please thank your friend for me too. Beccie

May 18, 2009
by: Grandma

Hi Beccie,

Sorry it took a few days to get back to you. We took a long weekend, away from computers and enjoyed some of the many wonderful spring art festivals in our area.

I personally don't know a lot of Wisteria, although I have admired them from afar. I called a friend of mine that has a beautiful wisteria growing and he told me how he propagates his. He said to cut a stem from the new wood, or new growth and make sure it has at least 4-5 buds on it. Then dip the stem into growth hormone and just stick it in the ground. It many take a few years to get it established but once you see it really taking off, make sure you build something, much bigger than your plant to support it. The reason you make the support much bigger is because once the roots get established you should never disturb them, so it's best to over estimate in the beginning.

I hope this helps Beccie, now that I found out how to do this I just might pop over to my friends garden and bum a branch off of his.

Good luck,


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