Pets & Natural Heartworm Prevention

Is there a natural heartworm preventative? I heard that the prescribed heartworm preventatives are nothing more than insecticides. Would a bit of vinegar in the water or maybe olive leaf extract possibly work?

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May 26, 2011
Natural Heartworm Prevention
by: Grandma

Hello Hanna,

As you know, prevention is always the best medicine. Mosquitoes are usually the cause of heart worms. So keeping your dog inside as much as possible and making a mix of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil and spritzing your dog before going outdoors could really help prevent your dog from suffering from heartworm. You only need about 4 drops of each in a spray bottle full of water. You can also soak a banadana in this mix and wrap around your dogs neck, like a flea collar.

Putting a few drops of apple cider vinegar in your pets drinking water can prevent them from suffering from fleas. Fleas and ticks can weaken your pets immune system so you might want to try that. Only a few drops though, you don't want to discourage your pet from drinking fresh water. Garlic is also great from eliminating and keeping parasites from finding a home in your pet.

There are some great herbs that I've read testimonies about that have been used to prevent heartworm, like; Black Walnut Hulls or Extract, HS II (for heart & circulatory system), Artemisia Combination (for intestinal support).

You can find these herbs and essential oils at;


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